Sara Curruchich

Indigenous Kaqchikel Singer-Songwriter. Being a woman in Guatemala is an act of resistance. Being a Mayan Kaqchikel woman and artist is, in itself, a political statement, but also a radical gesture towards life and would be the best way to introduce Sara Curruchich.

Sara Curruchich was born 1993 in the Kaqchikel community of San Juan Comalapa, Chimaltenango, in the central highlands of Guatemala. Her people are carriers of ancient traditions of art and knowledge as well as resolute resistance and struggle. From these roots, her music is based on the collective and individual feelings of the peoples, history, memory, culture, languages, and struggles combined with personal vindication.

Sara Curruchich is the first indigenous Guatemalan singer-songwriter to release her songs internationally in Kaqchikel -- her mother tongue -- and Spanish. Her voice and her message of love, conscience, respect, and defense of all forms of life have made her a bearer of light and hope for many women and men.
As a singer-songwriter, since her beginnings in San Juan Comalapa, Sara Curruchich has taken her message to many corners of her country. She has appeared in rural communities as well as theaters and important stages of Guatemala.

Her musical production is a dialogue among different genres, including rock, folk and traditional Mayan Kaqchikel. Her voice has been recognized not only within art and musical circles, but also in different communities and social and community discussion spaces, given her solid commitment to historical memory. She has appeared on important stages in South America, Central America, North America, and Europe.

Artistic career highlights (2018-2019)
Participation in the “Tiempo de Mujeres, Gender Equity Festival” organized they the Secretariat of Culture of Mexico in the context of International Women’s Day, 2020.
Release of Somos, European edition, 2020.
Release of Somos, Guatemalan edition, 2019.
Documentary “Desde Nuestro Muxu’x”, produced by SarapeFilms, 2019. This documentary won the Award of Merit at the Best Shorts Competition in the USA.
Somos tour with 35 concerts in Guatemala, 2019.
Debut of the “Ruk’u’x Q’ojom – Corazón Sonoro”, radio program, 2019.
Somos Radios community radio tour in 12 Guatemalan traditional communities, 2019.
Duo with the Spanish singer and producer Sánchez, 2019.
Concert with the Spanish singer Rozalén, 2019.
Duo with the Cuban singer Raúl Paz, 2018.
First Guatemalan Indigenous participant in the Musicalarue Festival in Luxey, France, and in the Esperanzah es muher Festival, Barcelona, Spain, 2018.

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