Rosa Chávez | k’iche’

Rosa Chávez

Mayan K’iche’ Kaqchiquel poet, artist, and feminist popular educator.
Rosa Chávez has published the poetry collections Casa Solitaria (2005), Piedra Abaj’ (Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nueva York 2009/2019), El corazón de la piedra (Venezuela 2010), Quitapenas (Guatemala 2010), AWAS secretos para curar (Guatemala 2014), Fanzine Abya Yala (Guatemala 2017). Her works have appeared in different magazines, plays, memoires, and poetry anthologies in Latin America, Europe and the United States. Part of her work has been translated to English, French, German, and Norwegian. She has done theater, performance, video, and spoken word. Her most recent project is a duo, Selva y cerro, an experimental process with poetry, electronic music, and root instruments. She has worked in cultural management and production and has formed part of different urban and community-based artists’ collectives and initiatives. She has walked as an activist together with Mayan movement organizations and women’s and social movements. She is currently Program Coordinator for Just Associates (JASS) Guatemala.
“I have struggled to carry out and collectivize my proposals as a poet and an artist in a country that is racist and structurally exclusionary. This has been – and continues to be – one of my great resistances, while acknowledging and thanking those who have sown the seeds of strength, resilience, emancipation, and dignity in the past and those who continue to do so now.”

Instagram: rosa.chavez.tijax / selvaycerro


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