Hope Masike

Hope Masike

The respected, ancient sounds of the Mbira instrument from Zimbabwe; the modern musics of Africa, from Jazz to AfroPop and the colourful and artistic elegance of Africa put together equals Hope Masike.

Hope Masike is one of Zimbabwe's music jewels to emerge from Zimbabwe. She takes pride in her culture and heritage, trending with such hashtags as #MyCultureRocks and holding numerous
motivational and educational talks in schools across her country. Masike often challenges stigma against the African culture, championing it's documentation and freshly youthful presentation both through her music and otherwise.

Her music is a tasty hybrid of many music styles tied together by her signature sublime Mbira playing, sultry voice, and highly-charged performances. With an energetic youthful band (compising Mbira, bass, percussion, drums, second Mbira and guitar), Hope Masike's live performances move from the ancient Mbira classics to as modern a sound as EDM. She also performs solo sets that include Loop station, Mbira, Vocal, Dance and different percussion such as the Nigerian Udu.

Masike has collaborated extensively including a live collaboration with Salif Keita in Harare and also being part of Southern African collaborative Mahube and Afro-Nordic outfit Monoswezi.

Through Amazon Hope Masike self published her first book, an anthology of poems called 'Ask me again' on February 7 2020. In 2017 she also premiered her acting career in a local soap called 'Muzita rababa' and in a short film called 'Ruvimbo's Wedding'. She has also directed her a film, her documentary film of her last ten years in the music industry in Zimbabwe, called 'One Woman and Her Mbira'.


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